Who we are?

Bridgetech is a company dedicated to providing up-to-date technology solutions in areas of IT, Enterprise, office equipments, broadcasting, telecommunication, industrial and power related works. The company has several years of work experience with remarkable achievement which has earned it various awards and good will. Bridgetech established in 1997 European calendar, is considered one of the strongest private companies both in Import and Export Sectors.

What we do?

IT and Enterprise Solutions

We provide a world class IT Infrastructure and Enterprise solutions along with our world renowned partners and Highly Experienced and Certified Engineers.Network, Security, Enterprise Softwares, Unified Communication, Personal and Office solutions are some of the solutions we provide

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Electrical systems and Switch gears

Construction Test and Commissioning of High Voltage power Stations including Thermal, Hydro, Wind and Other Power plants, High Voltage Substations, Medium Voltage Distribution Systems including Switching stations, Industrial Plant installations, High Scale solar System installations and many more.

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Rich experience of import and export business for the last 20 years and professionals in coffee, oil seeds and other agricultural products we offer high quality product and service that our customers deserve.we are one of the biggest exporters of Coffee, oil seeds, pulses and Spices to Europe, china and Middle East.

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Complete dedication and professionalism to our customers & partners.


To be the leading System integrators and solution providers in east africa.
To be a one of the biggest Exporters of Ethiopia.


Providing a world class solutions and sevices in all aspects of our business and offer the best services for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

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