some products we offer


Limmu Coffee

cultivated at south of Ethiopia called Limmu. Deeply dimensioned nutted aroma, well balanced of good quality and body, good fine quality and winy spicy flavor.
Processing: Washed (wet processed)

Harar Coffee

Long berry, medium acidity, full body, round cup having typical mocha flavor of good quality cup coffee. a heart but exotic coffee with smoky resin tons.Winy and fruity taste of real mocha.
Processing: Natural (Sundried)

Nekemtte coffee

After harvest, processing quality assurance, the beans will be classified into one of the ECX's standardized grade 4 or 5 it makes up for a bulk of the exported coffee types of Ethiopia.

Jimma coffee

Fair light medium acidity, good heavy body, fair average quality, hard balanced cup flavor, hint of nut toned aroma and pleasant after taste.
Processing: (Natural) Sundried

Sidamo coffee

categorized into two based on process i.e washed and natural (sun dried). It had fine acidity and medium body with a spicy and citrus flavour. .


Unique flavor, medium to pointed body, well balanced cup of Mocha, flowery and spicy in the aroma.
Processing: Washed (wet Processing)

Oil Seeds, Pulses and Spices

Oil Seeds

Sesame, Niger seeds, Lentils, Peanuts and many more. we export according to customer needs.


Black cumin, seeds, Dry ginger, Turmeric, Garlic and many more. we export according to customer needs.


White Pea beans, Green mung beans, Red kidney beans, Pinto beansand many more. we export according to customer needs.